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The Mini-sax man in Venice Beach

December 20, 2009 at 9:45 PM

It’s Christmas time and the business has slowed a bit, giving me time to buy those last minute gifts on my list. Of course, I have lost the list, but nevertheless….I remember the few that really got my attention. My husband has had a great request – that I buy him a mini-sax from the man down in Venice Beach. This is an elusive fellow. He has no website, no actual shop and is very rarely on the boardwalk. I did some internet research and found a great youtube video on this very gent:

I have now made it my mission to get this mini-sax. I won’t feel good about my husband’s stocking without it. In addition to my control issues, I know that my husband will deem this his greatest christmas gift.

I will keep you posted on this sax pursuit. Of course, if any of you listeners (I have secret dreams of being a radio talk host) know the mini-sax man, please email me. He has something I need!!

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