My classes are held in a creative, trust-filled environment. - Tess Kirsch


The Tess Kirsch Acting Studio is an environment where the actor gets on-camera technique and technical knowledge as well as the skills necessary to protect himself/herself on set. Actors learn to cold-read but more importantly learn to create a world for the story (sides) so that their own "character", circumstances and relationships live before and after the sides begin and end. It is so important for the actors to immerse themselves in the STORY so that set becomes an opportunity for them to tell those stories rather than a test or chance to fail. Why not give the actor a foundation on which to build a place he or she can live?

Currently, we offer Intensive Acting Camps as well as Advanced Ongoing Classes for Teens and Kids. Tess teaches all classes. There is a maximum of 12 students in every class.
Everyone works in every class.

For inquiries about classes, camps and intensives, email the studio at: or call 323-630-0798.

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