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"Overcome the notion that you must be regular. It robs you of the chance to be extraordinary." - Uta Hagen

The Tess Kirsch Acting Studio is doing just that - embracing your individual attributes and idiosyncrasies so that you can learn to tell the story as only you can. You must use the writer’s words and accept those circumstances, but it is your world you have painted with the careful brush of an imaginative actor. At this studio, you learn to create a world for the story so that your own person, circumstances and relationships live before and after the sides begin and end. It is so important to immerse oneself in this reality so that the TV/Film set becomes an opportunity for the story to come alive, rather than a test or chance to fail. Why not give the actor a foundation on which to build a HOME.

Currently, we have monthly Ongoing On-camera Audition Technique Classes for Adults, Young Adults and Teens. We also offer Weekend Intensives for Adults and Kids on a bimonthly basis. Tess teaches all classes. There is a maximum of 12 students in every class. 
Everyone works twice in every class. All tape is emailed to the actor after every class.

Also a part of every monthly class structure is the MOCK CD session. It is the studio’s belief that part of the actor’s class focus should be HONING those acquired skills in front of a Casting Director.

For inquiries about classes and intensives, email our Studio Assistant, Leah, at: leahtkacting@gmail.com or call 424- 256-6577.

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